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Quarantine Canteen - The Intro

Heyyy friendddd! I’ve really loved cooking and baking recently and thought it would be fun to share on my blog.

Soooo welcome to Quarantine canteen; an insight into all the things I’m cooking at the moment. In all honesty, I think my mum is the best cook in the whole world so I never really made that much of an effort to learn how to cook other than meal prepping. With that being said, my “nesting phase” during my final trimester never left me and cooking, cleaning and homeware are basically my kryptonite now. I want my son (and future children) to love my cooking just like I love my mother‘s and it’s given me a real passion for it.

I’m not a Michelin chef or anything butttt I do think I can throw down (if I do say so myself haha!) Plus there are so many amazing recipes out there. I’ve been following a few food bloggers on Instagram who I’m OBSESSED with! They’re step by step guides make cooking so easy and fun. The lovely ladies are:

- @EatWithArli

- @MsJoyceK

- @AngryBlackKitchen

I’ve also been really enjoying testing out new seasoning flavours and guys, DUNNS RIVERS is LEGIT. The best jerk chicken seasoning ever. Proper island tings (and I know my Jamaican aunties would agree!) Also, did you know baking powder in pancakes makes them extra fluffy? I learnt that from @EatWithArli and have been hooked ever since!

I hope you’re all keeping well during this quarantine season and I will be sharing my personal recipes on here but anything I’ll be taking inspiration from elsewhere I’ll tag! (It’s only right!)

Enjoy some pictures of things I’ve made previously and look out for a step by step next week. Happy Eating!

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